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Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Winter Garden

Welcome my gardening friends! Here in  Northern New England (zone 5) the snow has covered the ground and it is Winter! The nursery catalogs are pouring in, and I am making some final decisions on which roses to order for next year. Looking at the catalogs gives me hope that Spring is right around the corner, and will be here before we know it.
I have a ton of new ideas for the garden, and am already designing a new fence section that will hold some wonderful Ramblers.
I also have plans for making a concrete garden bench or two. See the "How to" videos:
I have discovered a place to order the molds from,  and have listed that information for you.

If you haven't started planning your "new" plants for next year, I suggest you order some catalogs and make your selections before they sell out!
The catalogs are a very valuable source of information. You can look-up specific roses, and find important information such as planting zone, variety, size, fragrance, and any specific growing information you might need.
 While the garden sleeps, the gardener needs to plan for the coming year. It is our time to reflect on last years garden, and think of ways to improve upon  next seasons garden.
I'm looking to find more plants that will do better with less watering!
Some plants laugh at the hot humid summer weather, while others shrivel up and threaten to die if they don't get a daily drink!
The catalogs give me information on all the latest drought resistant plants. I usually find some that I had forgotten about as well. The new catalogs are filled with X's of plants I intend to order, but then when I add up what I've wished for, reality sets in, and I start deleting the ones I think I can live without.

If you want to order catalogs,

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