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Friday, August 7, 2015

44 Creative Ideas For Repurposing Picture Frames

44 Creative Ideas For Repurposing Picture Frames
I found this interesting article, and thought you might find it interesting; I did!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Rose Gardening in the Winter that Just won't End!

Well, it's March 2nd and less that 20 degrees outside. Not to mention the tremendous amount of snow on the ground. Oh, and you can add another 3-4" that fell overnight!
I for one, have had enough Winter!

Thought I'd share a few 'Winter Garden Pictures".  (Maybe I should call them 'Snow pictures", since the garden  is barely visible under it).

This is my Garden Bench; completely buried!
My Garden Bench
Here is a shot of part of the Rose Garden; I can't even walk out to it; it has over 4' of snow on top of it!

The Rose Garden

This is my back yard. There is a lovely Herb garden buried beneath that snow! The path you see was where my husband  went out there to shovel the back roof.

The Back Yard

But...what can you do? Waite for Spring, and make the most of it!
While I'm waiting......I made some wonderful Rose Petal Bath Salts from some dried rose petals from last years garden (I always have some saved and dried, ready for whatever project I need them for)!

It is a Super Easy recipe!
Rose Petal Bath Salt
While some of you may already be experiencing spring;.......I'll be
Relaxing in a hot refreshing tub with my gardening catalogs and dreaming of this years garden!
Have a great day and,
Happy Gardening!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Garden Beauty in Winter

The Garden is beautiful even in the winter months! There is not as much 'color', as when the flowers are blooming, but the subtle hues of black and white make quite beautiful images.
Get out in the garden and photograph it in the dead of'll be amazed at the beauty within your sleeping garden!

Some may not like the snow much, but I personally am thankful for a nice thick covering of it to blanket, and protect the rose bushes through the winter.

Without the snow covering, the ground goes through warming, and freezing again, and in the process heaves the plants up out of the ground. This could damage or even kill I say......"Snow"  stay awhile and keep my plants tucked in till spring!

Happy Gardening,
I'm excited to see this working again, so get ready for lots more posts!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Rose Gardening Updates at All About Rose Gardening

There has been a lot going on at! And a lot going on in the gardens! I've spent the summer making the beds bigger, edging them all, adding mulch, a metal gazebo, fencing, and more roses! phew! All during the hot, sticky days of summer! We gardeners are a dedicated lot that do what has to get done....right?
Well THIS gardener does anyway!
I'm afraid I've neglected this Blog in the process....but not to worry, I'm back on track!

View my E-Book:

It's a pictorial guide on "How to Build My Corner Trellis" I have two of them at the entrance to my rose garden. I love them!
I was given a couple of heirloom roses by my sister, that turns out came from the farm we grew up I wanted to find a special spot to plant them.
When I couldn't decide on one, my husband suggested a corner trellis... thus the plan began!
And I decided to turn the plans into an ebook.

I'd like to show you a picture, but the picture icon on this blog is apparently not working!

I'm going to see what I can do about it, and get right back.....
Till next time,
Happy Gardening,

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Roses, Roses, and one More Garden Rose!

                              A New Garden Rose (or two)

Spring is almost here, which means that winter is almost over! Each year I receive at least a dozen or so catalogs from various flower and rose nurseries, offering rose bushes for sale. They always have a new garden rose to entice me!
 Even if I don’t order anything from them, I still like to keep all the catalogs I receive, especially the rose catalogs. I find them very useful for references.
 Heck, I have rose catalogs with plants for sale that are over 10 years old! I know this is the age of cyberspace, but I still like my mailed version in my hand!  I’ve been pouring over them, trying to decide... when I buy the rose plants, which ones I will order.
 Of course I could simply re-order the ones those nasty wild turkeys destroyed last year! I had ordered 4 new roses (own-root) variety’s (my favorite), so they were pretty small. That’s the way I like to plant them! Anyway, I received them, all was well, I planted them, and didn’t get out to the garden for at least a week, it was early Spring, and it had rained a couple times, so I figured, the plants didn’t need me.
Boy was I wrong! That flock of wild turkeys must have had a good ole time digging around in the bed with three of those new baby roses, because when I finally got to checking on them, they were uprooted, and all dried out! Well 2 anyway, one was completely gone. And so were the Turkeys....
Well, at least one rose survived... It was planted elsewhere in the garden... “Purple Splash” a purple and white striped climber, with a golden eye.
It's a nice addition to my garden. Don't you think? Read more about the beautiful Purple Splash Climbing Rose.
This beauty is hard to zone 4, so I expect it to do well in my zone 5 garden.
This year, I’ll have to construct some type of fence, maybe out of chicken wire, or something, to protect the new roses! A friend uses garden netting stretched over poles.
This is the time of year that you will find many rose plants on sale; it is the perfect time to buy rose plants from the mail order companies. Don’t wait too long to decide, or you may find your choices out of stock. This is especially true if it is a new or popular variety.
My Favorite Rose Nurseries

 One of my favorites is of course David Austin. I love the English roses!  The catalog is beautiful! They call it a “Handbook” which of course it is, it’s full of information!

Michigan Bulb is another favorite. (They have some of the own-root ones that I love) I also love the price!
Heirloom Roses, another favorite, also gets my vote. I have only good things to say about them. The own-root garden roses I order from them have all done spectacular! The plants look small when you get them, but give them a year, and wow!
Check out theseRose-Nurseries  for more rose plants on sale.
There never seems to be enough time to spend in the garden. I always end each season with a list of un-finished tasks. This year, I plan on trying to put fewer tasks on the list, so I can get everything done!
Need Garden Ideas  for planning your rose garden?

Do you Pinterest? I am having so.... much fun with it! What a great way to pass the time in the winter! I've gotten so many great ideas for the garden! And I LOVE looking at all the beautiful pictures!
Check out my Pinterest Boards  and  Follow me!

Till next time,
Decide on your new roses!
Carol (The Rose Lady)


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Garden in Winter

Welcome fellow gardeners! I hope you like my new template!

It has been a long winter, with way to much snow! Actually the snow is good for our gardens,it covers the plants and acts like a blanket for the roses and perennials in the garden. The problem is when the snow keeps melting, and the weather keeps going from very cold to very warm. This will cause the plants to heave from the ground, sometimes killing them. This has been such a year...

The wet sticky snow is so beautiful when it covers all the trees and bushes. I wanted to share some of the photos I took before I rushed off to work.

By afternoon this was all melted off the trees, but there was still plenty of snow left on the ground.
It's amazing how much beauty there is in the garden, even in the dead of winter.

My snowy garden bridge reminds me that this year I plan on making a dry stream bed beneath it! I've gotten some really good ideas from Pinterest, that I'd like to try and copy. Do you Pinterst? It's really fun, especially in the winter, when there is nothing you can do outdoors. But let me caution you, it can be very addictive! The time sure goes by fast! Check out my boards... and follow me!

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(one of my boards has the most beautiful winter pictures!) Take a look!

More Winter Garden Pictures!

My large, old (very, very, old) Cherry tree is still standing. I thought for sure this would be the last winter. I guess it's sturdier than I give it credit. I am dreading having to have it chopped down. But it is loosing lots of branches. My plan, when the time comes to cut it down, is to plant a weeping cherry tree in it's spot.

My side fenced in garden.This makes me think of more painting that needs to be done on it! Winter came, and it got to cold for painting! Another Spring job to do. It seems work in and around the garden is never done!
This flowering crab apple tree, holds the promise of spring! I can't wait for it to burst open with lovely pink blooms!
This is what I wait for.........
Learn more about the beautiful flowering Crab Tree.
My little garden angel bird bath sits in the snow, waiting just like I am....
for sunnier days, and colorful blooms surrounding it.

Because in a few short months, the garden phlox will circle it's base with plenty of bright flowers, and the garden birds will return to drink from it's dish.
And with Spring, comes Summer...... which brings.........
 The Roses!
 Keep thinking SPRING!

                                                                  Till next time,
                                                            Carol (The Rose Lady)

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Potpourri Recipes

Because of the season, I thought I'd share some of my favorite christmas potpourri recipes, and other recipes for potpourri with you. There's not much going on in the garden right now..... But there's still lots to do indoors.

For those of you who saved those rose petals, or dried flowers or roses to use in potpourri, try making some of these. They make great gifts for the Holidays!
Note: These potpourri recipes typically take 10 days- 2weeks to allow for the fragrances to mingle.

                                            Rosebud Potpourri
  • Dried Rosebuds                                            
  • Dried Rose Petals
  • Dried Rose Leaves
  • Dried Orange Peel (cut into shapes)
  • Star Anise
  • Orange Oil
Gently mix rose petals, rose buds, orange peel, and star anise in a glass container. Add a couple drops of rose oil, and 1 drop of orange oil. Gently stir ingredients together. Cover container. Potpourri is complete in around 10 days. Use and enjoy!
This recipe is perfect for using in  a Rose-Sachet. They are fun to make, and useful too! It can be a great project to make with kids. Designing and decorating the little sachet bags with ribbon and lace, will make them feel special. They make great gifts too!

It could be a fun project for older girls at a sleep-over birthday party.  You could have the potpourri all ready to go, and they could make the Sachets and fill with the ready-made Potpourri.

                               Christmas Potpourri Recipe

My recipe for making Christmas Potpourri is pretty simple! Ingredients include red flowers, red rose petals, tiny pine cones, dried pine, cedar, spruce, cinnamon sticks, dried orange peel........sound like christmas?
Find the entire Christmas Potpourri Recipe here
I know it's almost Christmas, but you still have time to put it all together, in a pretty glass jar with a cover, add a nice red ribbon... and there you have a lovely hand-made gift. Tell the recipient (a friend or relative I'm sure) that it was freshly made, and will have the true (finished) aroma in a week or so.....

Or, if you have some finished Potpourri and are in need of a last miniute gift...How about a Lighted Potpourri Jar? They are quite unique, and very beautiful! They are rather inexpensive to make, but they look like they cost a fortune! Find out how to make this beautiful Lighted Potpourri Jar HERE

The jar is filled with tiny Christmas lights which actually warm the potpourri, helping to release that wonderful aroma! You can use any potpourri recipe of your choosing for this lighted jar.

Merry Christmas to all, I hope you have a safe and Happy Holiday!